Сargo shipping is the most economical and common way of delivering goods over long distances. Modern technologies have made this way of transportation one of the most reliable.

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The logistics company REVELON INVESTMENTS LTD carries out international sea transportation. Thanks to our responsible policy and impeccable work of our employees, we have gained confidence in the market
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The services

We carry out the delivery of goods in any directions with flexible conditions

Sea container transportation

Intra-port forwarding and delivery of containers by rail or road

Transshipment and disbanding (loading) of goods into containers

Any services associated with transporting

Our advantages

Transportation by sea takes quite a long time, in comparison with other ways of shipping. But this flaw is compensated for by the following number of advantages of this mode of transportation:

Low cost

Wide geography of cargo delivery

Reliability of transportation and guarantee of cargo safety - transportation in an airtight container

Possibility to carry loads of large quantities and weights (over a thousand tons)

Transportation of any type of cargo: oversized and heavy, standard (including: equipment, spare parts, cars, furniture, clothes, food, alcoholic drinks and much more), valuable, dangerous, loose, bulk, bulk and other goods

Sometimes this is the only way to transport goods through or to regions where the infrastructure is poorly developed, and there is no way to deliver cargo by rail or by road

We provide full tracking of the goods to the final delivery point. With us, you can be assured of the safety of even the most fragile or oversized cargo.

Advantages for the company

The application of sea transportation - advantages for the company: If the customer uses sea freight, he receives a number of noteworthy benefits. The shortcomings in this method are mitigated by the quality transport services of the operator. If you received a decent insurance and cooperate with professionals, you can not worry about the safety of the goods. Container shipping provides the following business benefits:

Possibility to use combined delivery in one container from 30 kg of the goods

Maximum speed of moving from the most remote points of the world

Simple delivery to the right place of a container or package with a cargo from the Russian port

Simplified customs, since the goods often pass only two borders

Tangible savings of the customer's finances, often water transport is cheaper

Ordering the delivery of goods by water transport, it is necessary to give preference to experienced specialists. If the company rarely performs sea shipping, you will have to wait a long time for your cargo and pay much more than this service actually costs.


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